Flogging Cars at the Dog Track

We did our first event at Tampa Greyhound Track today. We were in the South Lot, across the street from the dog track, just South of Bird St. Really cool site! It’s not big (sort of like SPC in St. Pete, but a bit longer), but it has some interesting elevation changes that we don’t have anywhere else.

Results are posted.

Registration is open for the next event on December 5th, a FAST Open at the airport in Brooksville. Pre-registration is required no later than November 30. Go get registered!

The FAST “Autumn” Open

Some said it was hot today, but I really wasn’t feeling it. Mid-80’s are acceptable! There were clouds, but no rain until AFTER the last run of the day. The course was wicked-challenging with a decreasing slalom, an increasing slalom, and a “choose your own mistake” turn-around.

We’ve posted the Results.

Registration is open for the next event, a FAST Classic at a new location! If you meet the requirements to register for a Classic event, be sure to get registered soon. This event could fill up!


We had our somewhat-annual FAST Autocross School at Brooksville today. 31 students learned a BUNCH from 11 instructors and had the help of 9 volunteer course workers picking up after them. Overall average improvement was about 4 seconds!

Way to go, guys! We’re looking forward to seeing you at future FAST events.

We’ve posted the School Results.


Tampa Bay Downs is still a really fun place to autocross! Of 108 entries, 103 of them turned wheels on a course that was not particularly fast… but WAS very fun and challenging. We got a little bit of rain mid-morning, but it cleared up quickly and the rest of the day was dry.

Results are here. Season Points have been updated, too!

Registration is now open for November 8th FAST Open at Brooksville, and we’ll soon be announcing a surprise for the November FAST Classic!