A Proper Classic

Great weather, great people, great course! A perfect way to spend a Sunday.

Results are posted in the results section. Don’t forget to register for October 10 at Tampa Bay Downs!

New Season Opens with a Splash!

We often find ourselves dodging rain storms in the afternoon this time of year. Well, this time we got hit hard by one… in the morning. It was kind enough to wait until after we had the course set up, and we were able to sit it out. We even managed to get started very close to on-time and stay pretty close to schedule the rest of the day. The first run group was mostly wet, the second run group was mostly dry, and the rest of the day was perfect!

An interesting start to the new season, for sure.

Results are here.

Registration is now open for our September 27th FAST Classic event, and later this week we will open registration for the October events, which includes the FAST Autocross School!

A Dry Endurocross

We did the annual FAST Endurocross this past weekend. For the first time in several years, it was completely dry! Oh, there was a significant threat of rain, and we had to stop for a bit due to lightning, but no rain.

If you missed it this year, look for it again next August. It is one of the most fun events that we do!

Results are here.

Don’t forget to sign up (for free!) for our annual awards party at Philippe Park on August 29th. Registration is open! Registration is also open for our next autocross, a FAST Open on  Sunday, September 13th.

Season Finale at Brooksville

Pretty much everyone was expecting rain during the afternoon this time. Didn’t happen! We all got 6 runs on a fast-ish course with some unique challenges that kept people guessing all day!

Results are here. The nearly final Season Points are also updated!

We’re looking at our super-fun Endurocross multi-lap autocross on August 15. Registration is open! We’ll be doing our annual awards party picnic a couple weeks after that. Hope to see you at both of those events.