Fun x8 at Tampa Greyhound Track


We made a return to a “proper” FAST Classic with an 8-run event at Tampa Greyhound Track.  The dog track is turning out to be a really fun place to autocross! Some elevation change and a little less grip conspire to make for some challenging and exciting courses.

You know the Results are in the usual place.

Be sure to Register for the Almost-Valentines-Day Autocross coming up on February 13th at Brooksville!

2016 is officially ON

We had the first FAST Open of 2016 last weekend at Brooksville. It was a nearly sold-out event with 99 drivers laying down times close to a minute on a course that was pretty easy to follow, but not necessarily easy to drive fast!

As always, we’ve got the Results right here. Season Points have also been updated!

We’ve got Registration open for another FAST Classic at the Tampa Greyhound Track on January 30, and will soon be registering for the Almost-Valentines-Day Autocross on February 13th at Brooksville.

Doin’ it for the Team

Being as it’s December, and we weren’t expecting a huge turnout, we opted to do something a little different this time. A team-based competition. A “relay” of sorts. Drivers were divided into roughly even teams of 6, and each individual run times were added together for a cumulative “team time” for that run. It was fun, and teams soon learned that the key was to above all not hit cones! A driver being a little off their game might cost the team a half-second. A driver that goes out and hits a cone costs the team a full two seconds!

In the end, one team clearly prevailed. Of course, we kept individual run times, as well. All the Results are here.

Registration is open for the January 2 FAST Classic. Pre-registration is required no later than December 28th. Ring in the new year with FAST!

Spin It or Win It

That’s right, we had some pretty spectacular spins at our December 5th FAST Open at the Brooksville airport! The course was a little on the short side to ensure that we got lots of runs in. But, it certainly wasn’t short on fun! And we all got 6 runs on it.

Results are posted, and Season Points will be updated shortly.

Registration is open for the FAST Relay on December 19th. Pre-registration is required no later than December 15th. Last event of the year, and should be a really fun one! Don’t miss it!