Quick Update

Perfect weather and a great course at Brooksville today! Results Here.

Just 4 slots left in the FAST Novice School. By the way, we’ve added an ADVANCED class to the school with no “novice” restriction, anyone is welcome to sign up. Better do it quick!

Registration is also open for the November 15th FAST Championship Event.

Registration for both of those events on our Event Registration List.

FAST Novice School


The FAST Novice School is now officially 30 days away! There are still spots available, so if you’ve been thinking about it, get registered! And tell all your friends, this is a great opportunity to get started in motorsports! Or just to improve your car control skills and awareness to make yourself a safer driver on the street!

Pre-registration is required, and space is limited, so get registered today!

Dodged the Rain at Brooksville

In spite of forecasts that ranged from 40-90% chance of rain, we made it through the first points event of the 2015 season at Brooksville on September 20 without getting wet! A great course with a lot of variety and some unique challenges brought out some intense competition. This is going to be a great season!

Results are here.

Registration is open for the two October events. Deadline for the October 5th FAST Classic at Brooksville closes on September 29, and the October 18 Championship event at SPC closes on October 15. Get registered!