FAST was created late in 2006 as an independent club with the sole purpose of holding autocross events for the enjoyment of motorsport driving enthusiasts in the Tampa area. The organization began many years earlier as the autocross program of theĀ SunRiders Miata Club of Tampa Bay.

The SunRiders began their autocross program in the late-90’s as an outlet for club members to autocross in a casual environment, and they had a successful program for several years. Over time, the SunRiders club lost interest in the autocross program and there just weren’t enough Miata drivers to support it. Drivers of other cars were encouraged to get involved, and some did, but a lot of non-Miata drivers were reluctant to join a “Miata Club”.

The motorsports division of the SunRiders club officially separated in 2006 and joined forces with NASA Florida. This merger was halted after one year due to NASA executives insisting that our profits, which we had budgeted to buy new equipment, mostly belonged to them. The costs of being part of NASA far outweighed the benefits, so we decided to go independent.

FAST existed as a private autocross club in the form of an LLC owned and operated by Steven Frank and Loren Williams until 2020 when it was handed off to Philip Petrie, Ben Wheaton and Ken Tuerff.

And so, here we are. No higher authority to answer to, just a group of local guys looking to share the fun of autocrossing.