Event Types

FAST has several types of events. Some are unrestricted, and some have entry requirements. Pre-registration is required for all FAST events, and normally opens 3-4 weeks prior to the event and closes 5 days prior. Want a reminder email when registration opens? Sign up for Event Reminders! Complete event information and online registration can be found on our club event list at MotorsportsReg.com.

FAST Open Events:

These monthly events offer great competition, ample opportunities for instruction, and are designed to be very novice friendly. Entry is limited to 100 drivers with very reasonable entry fee. To keep the events manageable and also make them take up only half of your day instead of the whole day, we run them in a “split format” with an “Early Session” and a “Late Session”. Each session operates sort of as a separate event, so you only need be there for one of the two sessions. Each session will consist of two run groups of about 25 cars each. Entry fee includes snacks and cold beverages. These are the only events that qualify for season points in the FAST Championship series.

FAST Classic Events:

These events fit in the schedule between the FAST Open events and are non-points events. They are “classic” because they are the size and format of the events from the early days of FAST. We limit these events to 50 drivers, with a higher entry fee. These events are less novice friendly, and require drivers to have competed in a minimum of 5 prior autocross events. (with any club) They are much more casual events, with less focus on competition and novice instruction. Because the events are kept smaller, more runs are offered. Classic events are run as a single session with three run groups. Normally, two groups run before lunch and one after. Yes, lunch is included! We strive to extract maximum fun from minimum time with these events and be done by around 2pm.

Dunnellon Championship Events:

For events at the Marion County Airport in Dunnellon, we’re doing a separate championship. These events are like Classic events in that they are small, casual events that include lunch. But, they’re like Open events because they have no restrictions on entry.

FAST Challenge Events:

Our newest event type grew out of years of pondering “how can we offer an autocross for those people who can’t do a work assignment, or don’t wish to?” and “gee, wouldn’t it be cool to see exotic cars at our events?” Those two ideas have sort of come together with the FAST Challenge Autocross.

It’s sort of an “arrive and drive” autocross. You show up, you get to challenge yourself on an autocross course in your own car, and then you go get lunch! In a nutshell, it’s all the fun and intensity of an autocross in less than half the time, and without the requirement to stand out in the sun and chase cones. Think of it as the discerning gentleman’s (or lady’s) autocross. You want to autocross, perhaps in your exotic car, perhaps not. But, you don’t want the eyes of the world upon you, and you don’t want to spend all day doing it. You just want to have a little fun at a autocross event. That’s it!

Entry is limited to 25 drivers to keep it small and intimate, sort of like a FAST Classic. There is no requirement that you be driving an exotic car, but that’s likely who you’d be competing with at this kind of event.

The biggest difference between this and a FAST Open or Classic is that drivers are not required to work at all. They just show up, walk the course, and drive. We aim to get them in and out with 6 or more runs in 3 hours time.

These events are very novice-friendly with instruction available as-needed both to help first-timers get started, and to help drivers continually improve their skills and gain confidence in the ability of their car.

Guest registration for a FAST Challenge is by invitation only! Do not register if you have not been invited by a registered driver. This is not a public car show, it’s a semi-private autocross! If you want to come watch with the intent of driving in a future event, email us before you register.

A big part of the appeal of these events is that they are rather exclusive and intimate, not a public spectacle. We have a separate Challenge Event Reminders email list for these events.

Special Events:

These can be just a generic “Autocross”. Not an “Open”, which would count for points in our Championship Series; and not a “Classic” because we don’t want the entry restriction. You might see this kind of event when we’re testing out a new autocross site or something where we don’t necessarily want to do a “big event”, but we do want to allow novices to attend.

More often, they are special casual events held during months that typically see lower attendance. Entry fee will depend on how restricted the number of entries is, and whether the entry fee includes extras, such as t-shirts. We will often do something fun and different for these events, like an Endurocross (where each timed run consists of many laps around the course) a Duel (a tournament format that puts drivers head-to-head against each other with no clocks) a Gymkhana (an unusual course by today’s standards, reminiscent of the early days of autocross, may include complete stops, use of reverse, unusually tight elements and possibly some degree of course memorization required), or something else that is different and fun.