Fees & Entry Info


Online pre-registration is required for all events. Registration is handled through MotorsportsReg.com. Pre-registration normally opens about 3 weeks prior to each event and closes at 11:59pm on the Monday before the event depending on the requirements of the event or the site. We often reach our entry limit for an event within the first week of registration. So, be sure to sign up early!

Late Registration

If registration isn’t full when it closes on Monday, we may re-open registration until 8:00pm on the Wednesday before the event. Late registration is a hassle for us, so we discourage it with a Procrastination Fee of $20. After registration closes on Wednesday, there will be no further registration. No way, no how. Don’t ask.

Entry Fees

Entry fees for our regular FAST Championship autocross events are normally about $40. FAST Classic events are closer to $50, and Special events may be more. The entry fee pays for your driving as a participant in the event.

Guest Entry

We do not normally charge an entry fee for guests except at sites with limited entry. Some sites do require that we have guests register to get their name on the site access list. For “open access” sites, guests are usually only required to register if they want to have lunch with us.


The “World Famous FAST Lunch”, plus beverages (water & soft drinks) and snacks are complimentary with your paid entry. Paid guests are invited to join us for lunch. But, there are times when we CAN’T provide lunch. This will always be stated in the event info for the event.

In general, if it’s a Classic event, there will be lunch. If it’s an Open event, unless it’s at a site that restricts how many people we can have on-site (like Brooksville), there will probably be lunch. And even then, if you’re registered to be there ALL DAY (you’re registered for both sessions as either a driver or a guest), we’ll provide lunch for you.

For those events where we can’t have the full group lunch, we do try to have additional snacks available. Breakfast bars, cookies, chips, etc.

Whether you choose to partake of the FAST lunch or bring your own, your entry fee remains the same.  The lunch we order is often pizza or sandwiches of some type.  We understand that some of our participants may have special diets, and we don’t mind trying to meet your needs if the request is reasonable.  If you have dietary needs, please include a note to the registrar when you register so we know in advance, and can try to meet your needs.  However, we may not be able to meet everyone’s needs.  If you have any concern at all, it would probably be best if you plan to provide your own meal for the event.

On-Site Check-in

Each driver must sign in with the registrar within the time specified in the event info for that event. Guests must also sign the insurance waiver, and it is preferred that they are also there during driver registration. All drivers AND guests must be over age 16 and have a valid driver’s license! Minors must have a parent or guardian present to sign their insurance waiver.

Important Notice:
Airport facilities (such as Brooksville and Dunnellon) are typically “secured” facilities. For events there, we are required to submit a list of ALL attendees a week prior to the event. For this reason, pre-registration is REQUIRED for all Brooksville events, and all GUESTS must also pre-register separately. They will also usually limit the number of people we can have. No person who is not on our access list will be allowed entry to the site.

At other sites, we don’t allow walk-up driver registration, but we can allow unregistered guests to come and watch. You will need to sign the insurance waiver and be over the age of 16 to enter the gate, however. A valid driver’s license is required for proof of age and identity.