Refund/Cancel Policy

Refund Policy

FAST events are run rain or shine and FAST does not offer cash refunds for any reason. Entrants are not billed until after the close of online registration, so entries that are canceled through before the end of the online registration period will not be billed. If an entry is canceled after that, a partial event credit will be issued that may be applied to a future event within 12 months. See Cancellation Policy below.

Cancellation Policy

A little explanation… (or cut to the chase)
Have you ever wondered why FAST events require pre-registration and pre-payment? The answer comes down to commitment. We assume that if you’ve pre-paid for the event, you are committed to being there, and it’s pretty likely that you’re going to show up. If we don’t collect pre-payment, or just give credit for a future event to anyone who cancels or no-shows, we might as well just collect cash at the event and say “pay if you happen to decide to show up”, and then we’d never know how many people to expect for an event. As a result, we wouldn’t be able to provide lunch, snacks, beverages, or even be able to effectively plan how to run the event. In short, we wouldn’t be able to do a lot of the things that make FAST events great!

Have you ever wondered why FAST events tend to run so smoothly? A big part of that is that we take the time to organize and assign work positions in advance so that we have the right people in the right place at all times without a bunch of head-scratching (wasting time) at our events. We start work on that organization as soon as pre-registration closes, so it’s a major hassle when people late-cancel or no-show. It causes us to have to shuffle workers, ask people to work extra, or leave some positions unmanned. This all has a negative impact on our events, so we like to discourage it.

We realize that sometimes things happen that will require you to miss an event that you’ve registered for, and we do appreciate if you let us know in advance if you can’t make it. But, with 100+ car events, 5% no-shows, and sometimes 10-20% trying to late-cancel (often at the same time 5-10 people are asking to late-register for an event that was full before the deadline!)… it’s time for us to take a harder stance on this. Think of it as if you’d bought a concert ticket. Does the promoter give you a refund or credit if you decide not to go? Of course not! With FAST, you won’t even get billed IF you cancel before the pre-registration deadline. That deadline is no secret, it is posted at the bottom of every event’s info page. After the deadline, we will offer a partial credit of $20 (regardless of the amount of the entry fee) toward a future event.

The Simple FAST Cancellation Policy

  • Every event has a published pre-registration deadline at the bottom of the event info page.
  • Entrants may cancel their own entry by logging into and clicking the Delete/Cancel button at the bottom of the Edit page for their entry.
  • If an entry is canceled prior to the pre-registration deadline, they will not be billed for that entry.
  • If an entry is canceled AFTER the pre-registration deadline, the entrant will be billed for the full entry amount, and then issued a partial event credit of $20 in the system, and the remainder of the entry fee is forfeited.
  • Event credits can be applied to a future event within 12 months. If a full event credit is used to enter an event that has a lesser entry fee, the system will store the remaining partial credit.
  • Event credits will not be given for guest entries.
  • Please do not email us asking for exceptions to this policy. We feel that it is more than fair.