Season Championship

Championship points will be assigned, and eligibility for awards will be determined, in accordance with the following rules:


Because FAST takes the month of August off, our championship season begins in September and ends at the end of July.


In order to qualify to earn championship points, you must be a FAST member. Points will be used to determine who receives awards at the end of the season.

Points will be awarded to drivers in each official class for finishing order. Order will be determined by the single fastest run time in each class for each event.

  • 1st Place = #Cars in Class x 2 up to a maximum of 12
  • 2nd Place = 1st Place points minus two
  • 3rd and Below = one point less for each position, minimum 1 point

Example – 4 cars in class:
1st = 8 points (4 x 2), 2nd = 6 points, 3rd = 5 points, 4th = 4 points.

Example – 7 cars in class: 
1st = 12 points (max), 2nd = 10 points, 3rd = 9 points, 4th = 8 points, etc.

Only FAST Open events (not Classic or Special events) will be points events.


Awards will be presented to drivers who finish First, Second and Third in class for each event, and for posting the Fast Time of the Day. Awards will be presented for all classes, regardless of number of drivers in each class.

Awards will typically be presented at the end of each event after the bulk of our equipment is packed, so stick around and help clean up!


At the end of the year, awards will be presented to members finishing First, Second and Third in each class, based on a sum total of points earned in a given class. Fourth place awards will be given in classes that have 10 or more eligible drivers. In order to be eligible for season awards, you must have competed in at least 5 events in a class. Drivers are eligible to win awards in only one class. (if they have points in multiple classes, their highest championship finish position will be awarded) Awards will be presented for all classes, regardless of number of drivers in each class. Year end awards will be presented at a year end dinner ceremony, or as otherwise arranged.


The number of events scored per driver will be the total number of points events MINUS THREE. For any driver who has competed in more than that number of events, events with the lowest points scores will be dropped.


In the event of a tie, the driver with more higher finish positions will win. For example, the driver with the most first place finishes wins. If first place finishes are equal, second place is examined and so on. If two drivers have exactly the same finish record for the season, then their finishes against EACH OTHER are examined. If there is still a tie, an awards committee will be convened to devise a fair method to determine the winner.

Any corrections for the record – times, finishing positions, classings – must be requested prior to trophy presentation for that event.

Revised 8/2017 (Changes in Red)