2019 FAST PAX Update

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2019 FAST PAX Update

Postby Loren » Tue Sep 18, 2018 11:30 pm

The "official" PAX indexes won't be updated again until probably November/December. We'll probably hang onto the current indexes through the end of this season, then update them for the next season.

There is one change that we need to make, though. We changed the make-up of our S5 class.

From our previous PAX discussion thread, this is what we've been doing, and it seems to work:

The formula is simply Average PAX index for all of the classes that make up a given FAST Class, Add 0.020 to all Mod classes, then subtract 0.010 from M4 and S5.

Philip talked me into using a softer index for R1 to better match the cars we're likely to "normally" see there. I chose SSP (Super Street Prepared), which is about the fastest "streetable" race tire class.

That puts the indexes at:
R1 - 0.852
M0 - 0.836
M1 - 0.827
M2 - 0.816
M3 - 0.805
M4 - 0.795
S0 - 0.816
S1 - 0.807
S2 - 0.794
S3 - 0.792
S4 - 0.788
S5 - 0.771
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