Novice Driver Tips

Here are a few very basic driving tips:

  • Walk the course a few times to get familiar with it. Take part in a “novice walk” if it is offered, or try to find an experienced person to walk with you and give you some pointers.
  • Don’t be intimidated by all of the cones. Pick out the key cones (only 15-20 cones on any autocross courseĀ are truly “critical”) when you walk the course and focus on them when you drive, but be sure to look ahead! Remember that you can’t control where the car IS, only where it’s GOING. Looking at the cones where you ARE isn’t going to help, you must look at the key cones one or two turns ahead of you.
  • The accelerator and brake pedals are NOT on/off switches. Smooth inputs are one of the keys to fast times.
  • Ride with other drivers to get a feel for the course. Have an experienced driver ride with you to give some feedback on your driving technique.
  • Take advantage of our Novice Coordinator and Instructors, who are available in each run group to offer personal instruction and helpful hints for better autocross performance.