Registration Tips

As of 2015, FAST is using to handle event registration. It is a very powerful tool for us, and for you, once you learn your way around it. Here are a few things you should know that will help you get the most out of it.

Setting up an Account

This is the first thing you’ll need to do, and it’s very easy. You’ll need an email address, your basic contact info, and some info for an emergency contact. That’s about it.

Your User Profile

Get familiar with this! It is accessible from the “My Account” link on the menu. You don’t need to look at this often, but it would be a good idea to check it every few months to be sure your info is up-to-date. It has all of your basic non-event-specific information in it. That includes:

  • Your Contact Info
  • Emergency Contact Info
  • Username and Password
  • Club Memberships (you become a “member” of every club that you register through MSReg with)
  • Your “Garage” (cars that you’ve added to the system so that you can register them without having to re-enter info every time)
  • Your Event History, Available Credits, Reserved Numbers, and a lot of other details!

Your Club Info

MSReg allows us to store certain information within YOUR profile, under your clubs. Storing that info here rather than in an event means that you don’t have to re-enter that info for every event. This makes the event registration process flow much faster for you!

When you want to view or change that information, do the following:

  • Log in
  • Click “My Account”
  • Click “Edit My Information”
  • Click “Edit Clubs”
  • Click “Edit” next to the FAST club
  • Edit and Save!

Info stored here includes:

  • Club Member Number (we don’t use this, but it’s built into the system, so it’s there)
  • Driver’s License Number
  • Date of Birth
  • Work Assignment Preferences
  • Physical Disabilities and Limitations

NOTE: If your member type is “novice” (as it will be until after you’ve competed in 6 events), you may not have access to edit all of these fields. After promotion from novice status, you will.

Your Dashboard

This is just about the coolest thing ever. It shows you:

  • My Events – All of the events that you are currently registered for. With links to view the entry list, event info, and edit (or CANCEL) your entry.
  • Selected Upcoming Events – All of the upcoming events for the clubs that you are a member of. (so all of the FAST events will show up right here!)

Registering Another Person

Let’s say you want to register a friend or relative as a guest, or even as a driver. No problem! But, first let’s cover how to NOT do it. You DO NOT add another person to your own entry. Many people have screwed up their own entry (changing themselves from a driver to a guest, etc) by trying to do that. Your entry is for YOU and YOU alone. Don’t edit your entry to add someone else, that’s not how it works.

There are two ways for a person to exist in the system. Understanding this will help keep you from creating duplicate accounts.

  • First is the typical method of a person creating their own account and registering. Pretty straightforward and simple.
  • Second is the “sub-account”. You want to register someone to come out as a guest, you can create a sub-account for them using the “Register Someone Else” link under “My Account” and register them that way. It works, but it’s not a full “user account”, they can’t log into it, it is completely under your control.

If you’re in a situation where you might want to be able to handle registration for another person, but they ALSO want to be able to register themselves, there’s a way to do that, as well. First, have them create an account (or create it for them). Log into that account, and look for the “Transfer Account” button on the “My Account” page. They call this “Transferring Control”, but in reality, it’s “sharing” control with another person. You still maintain control of your own account. Once the “Transfer” is done, then that person will show up as a person you can register within your account, and it’s easy.

Merging duplicate accounts – if you created a sub-account, and the other person already has an account, or creates one, these accounts can usually be merged pretty easily. We’ll almost always do this automatically whenever we see a duplicate, keeping whichever account was most recently used. This combines the event history of the two accounts into one.

About Payments and Credits

MSReg handles a lot of things that we used to have to do manually, such as event credits and discounts.

  • Payment Methods – Credit or Debit Card only. MSReg does not accept PayPal.
  • Event Credits – FAST offers event credits and partial event credits for event cancelations and other reasons. MSReg handles the whole event credit process for us. So, if you have an event credit, it will appear during the checkout portion of your registration and give you the option to apply that credit to your balance due. It even handles partial credits, using multiple credits, and making change. It’s pretty cool!

Cancelling an Entry

  • You can cancel your entry from the “event dashboard” for any event you are registered for. If you cancel before the close of registration, you haven’t even been billed yet and you won’t be. If you cancel after the close of registration, you will receive partial credit in accordance with the FAST Refund/Cancel policy.
  • If you have cancelled and need to reinstate your entry, you can’t do that yourself. You’ll have to contact us to do it.

Changing or Editing an Entry

  • You can edit your entry info while registration is open to change things like your vehicle or class. Remember, much of your info is stored in your Profile and Club Info. (see above)
  • You can even do things like change from a driver to a guest, or a guest to a driver, or change from one session to another, or add yourself to another session. The system handles all of these things brilliantly, and will collect any balance due if your change increases your entry fee, and allow us to add event credit to your account if it reduces it.

FAST Classic Events

These are run as single-session small events normally with three run groups, and registration is very basic. Register as a driver or a guest. Simple as that.

FAST Open Events

We use a split format for these events, so they are run in two separate sessions. One before noon and one after. Most people just register as a driver or guest for one session or the other, and that’s easy enough. Just make sure you register for the correct session. There are some special circumstances that the system will handle:

  • If you want to be on-site to watch or help during the session you are NOT driving: You must register as a guest for the other session. The system easily allows this.
  • If you want to register as  a driver for both sessions: Not a problem, just select the driver option on each session, and complete your registration. Be sure to choose your normal competition class for the morning and the “FN” class in the afternoon, and also select a different car number for each session.