Basic Rules

Ah, yes, there have to be rules! But, don’t worry, unlike some clubs that have rule book of several hundred pages, our rules are very simple and included right here on just a few pages of our website.

The rules are simple, it’s the standard game of autocross. We don’t quibble much about classing like a lot of larger clubs do, which eliminates most of the rules. What that leaves are mainly the safety rules. Most of the safety rules are taken care of with course/site setup and tech inspection. There’s more about safety on our Safety Rules page.

Basic Rules:

  1. Each competitor is responsible for properly classing their car. No class changes will be accepted after the end of an event. Competitors are encouraged to monitor the registration lists before each event and results DURING each event to verify that all cars in their class are appropriately classed. If a car is believed to be incorrectly classed, discuss with the driver or bring it to the attention of event officials. If a change is required, it must be presented to Timing BEFORE the end of the event.
  2. Allowing competitors to make agreements that a certain prohibited modification is okay for a particular car in their class is a can of worms that we don’t want to open. To maintain fairness to all, we ask that you always compete in a class that your car is fully compatible with.
  3. A competitor who has competed in 6 or less autocross events will be considered a “novice” driver. A novice driver is normally not permitted to fill the role of “corner captain” and certain other work positions, and cannot act as an instructor.
  4. A 2-second penalty will be added to a competitor’s time for every upright cone that is knocked down or displaced out of its box.
  5. A competitor will be called “off course” for a run if they deviate from the intended course by going around the wrong side of an apex, skipping one or more slalom cones, skipping a gate, or collecting more than 4 cone penalties on that run.
  6. A run that has been called “off course” will be scored as a DNF (Did Not Finish) and will not be awarded a rerun no matter what happens AFTER they have been called off course.
  7. If a competitor is red-flagged due to a safety issue that they caused (a car-related issue, extreme or repeated off course, or sometimes a spin or slide into a dangerous area), they will be scored as a DNF and will not be awarded a rerun.
  8. If a competitor is red-flagged OR opts to stop for a legitimate safety concern or incorrectly placed cone during a non-DNF run for a reason that they did not cause, they will be awarded a rerun. Any cone-penalties incurred before the red-flag condition or stoppage will NOT be carried forward to the rerun.
  9. If a competitor drives more than two wheels off of the pavement, their run will be called off course and that driver will be immediately red-flagged. After stopping and carefully returning to the pavement, the driver will drive the remainder of the course OFF of the racing line and return slowly to grid where they will receive a safety inspection before returning to the course.
  10. Other rules and procedures will be stated and discussed during the pre-event driver’s meeting at each event.