Classing Overview

We have twelve classes, loosely categorized by modifications and tires. You’ll find no information for classing karts as we do not allow karts.

  • R1 – Race Tire (all)
  • S0 – Stock Street Tire 0 (SS/AS)
  • S1 – Stock Street Tire 1 (BS/CS)
  • S2 – Stock Street Tire 2 (DS)
  • S3 – Stock Street Tire 3 (FS/GS)
  • S4 – Stock Street Tire 4 (ES/HS)
  • S5 – Stock Street Tire 5 (HS with restrictions)
  • M0 – Open Modified Street Tire (SS, AS)
  • M1 – Modified Street Tire 1 (BS/CS)
  • M2 – Modified Street Tire 2 (DS/FS)
  • M3 – Modified Street Tire 3 (ES/GS/HS)
  • M4 – Modified Street Tire 4 (ES/GS/HS with restrictions)

How to Class Your Car

Read through the Stock and Modified category pages, it’s all pretty straightforward. If you have any questions, feel free to discuss them on the Forum or email us and we’ll help.

NOTE: Our classes are based on SCCA “Street” category classes. SCCA does their rule revisions in January. The FAST competition season runs September through July. For this reason, we will not require a driver to change their class in January if SCCA makes a change that would place them in a different FAST class. Whatever class your car is eligible for at the beginning of the season (assuming you make no changes to the car), you may run through the end of the season.