Safety Rules

We take safety seriously at FAST. We have trained course marshalls who carefully review course designs before each event and approve the final course layout after it has been set up at the event to ensure that it meets both the guidelines stated by our insurance, and an experienced measure of common sense. We also strive to operate our events in a manner that keeps everyone on-site as safe as possible, and meets the requirements of our insurance. If any of our rules seem less than fun, check the insurance policy and you’ll likely find the reason for it. Our insurance minimum requirements are here if you’d care to read them.

Each vehicle is required to pass a Safety Inspection (you’ll hear it called “tech” or “tech inspection”, same thing). Here is our Safety Inspection Checklist.

We’re not going to burden you with a lot of information you don’t need to worry about, but below are a few key things that bear stating.

  • SPECTATORS – FAST autocross events are not “spectator” events. We do not have spectators. We have participants.
  • PARTICIPANTS – A participant may be a “driver”, “crew member” or “worker”.
  • PARTICIPANT QUALIFICATIONS – All participants must meet the qualifications of a driver:
    • Must be over age 16, and if under age 18, have a minor waiver signed by a parent
    • Must have a valid full driver’s license (learner’s permits are not allowed)
    • Must have signed the insurance waiver and be wearing a FAST wristband
  • HOT AREAS – Every event site will have a defined “hot area” which includes the vicinity of the course area and the active grid area.
    • For SPC, the hot area is anywhere within the fenced area except for the area behind the guard rail.
    • For Brooksville, we have declared the entire site a hot area. This means that no children or pets can be allowed at Brooksville events.
    • Any person who is not a participant as defined above AND does not have an immediate need to be in the hot area (e.g. not presently working, driving, riding or otherwise authorized) will not be permitted in that area.
  • CHILDREN AND PETS – To be clear, the above two rules mean that no children under the age of 16 or pets can be permitted in any hot area.
  • REQUIRED SAFETY GEAR – Drivers and passengers must wear a properly fitting helmet (must be DOT or Snell approved) and lapbelt on course. Closed-toe shoes are required for all participants at all times.
  • SUGGESTED SAFETY GEAR – Fire can engulf a car very quickly, and it’s NOT pretty. If you are competing in a vehicle that you can’t easily get out of in less than 10 seconds, we highly recommend the use of a full-face SA-rated helmet, nomex driving gloves, and long sleeved heavy cotton clothing at a minimum.
  • PRESSURIZED CONTAINERS – Air bottles for maintaining tire pressure are fine. Any bottle exceeding 200psi (such as Nitrous Oxide bottles) are not permitted on site.
  • INTOXICANTS – Alcohol and all other intoxicants are strictly prohibited, as is being under the influence of any intoxicant.
  • NOVICE PASSENGERS – Are only allowed if the driver is a qualified instructor. Ride-alongs are for instructional purposes only, and must include a qualified instructor. Novice drivers are not qualified to instruct, therefore novice passengers are not permitted to ride with novice drivers.
  • PASSENGER LIMITS – No vehicle shall be driven on course with more than one driver and one passenger.
  • ROLL BARS – Roll bars are recommended, but not required in most vehicles. A roll bar is required:
    • In a purpose-built competition car.
    • In an open-top vehicle when more than one shoulder harness is used.
    • In an open-top vehicle when non-DOT-approved tires (racing slicks) are used.