Get Your SWAG here! Okay, not really. We quit selling most of it online, but we have it available at our events, just ask!

Medium Logo Sticker – 2×6″ – FAST logo on white vinyl
These are available FREE, as long as you’re not trying to cover your whole hood with them.
Small Logo Sticker – 1×3″ – FAST logo on white vinyl
These are also FREE.

FAST Business Cards – Want a quick and easy way to tell folks about autocross? We’ve got plenty of them, take a handful!
These are, of course, FREE.
FAST Die-Cut
Small Die-Cut Decal – 8″ – FAST logo die-cut white/orange
$5 each.
Windshield Banner – Available 18-36″ wide – FAST logo orange cone w/ your choice of text color.
We don’t stock these, order them from Spinnywhoosh for a reasonable price. (Scotty can do your car numbers and custom graphics, as well!)

We also occasionally do FAST T-shirts. Usually limited-run shirts for special events. You’ll find those mentioned either on the event registration page or the FAST forum. Also in the Event Reminder emails.

Interested in something we don’t have? Let us know! If enough people want it, we’ll try to make it happen.