Work Assignments

It takes the coordinated effort of a LOT of people to make a successful autocross happen.  Like most autocrosses, FAST events require each entrant to work for one run group when they are not driving. It’s all part of the game. If we had to hire people to fill all of the positions, the cost of autocross would be beyond most of us! So, it’s a trade-off. You work one run group, you get to drive one run group, and the sport remains affordable.

The following pages list some of the areas that you might be asked to work as your work assignment.

When you register, you can request any of these assignments. But, please understand that we need more course workers than anything, and almost everybody wants a work assignment that doesn’t involve standing out in the hot sun and/or running. So, it is very likely that you’ll end up working course. We do try to rotate people through the other positions, though. So, feel free to list your preferences. If you have no experience, once you are past Novice status, we’ll try to put you with an experienced person to get some training when we can.

Here are full descriptions of each of the standard worker positions required at most FAST events. We won’t always fill all positions depending on the size and location of the event.

Course Worker

Corner Captain

Timing & Scoring

Grid Marshal


Tech Inspection

Event Safety/Security


Event Setup/Teardown