Event Setup/Teardown

Assistance is required at every autocross in the mundane task of setting up and tearing down the course. There will usually be copies of the map available, and small groups of people will be sent out to “build” various sections of the course, then the Setup Chief will take a small crew to tie the sections together and verify that everything went down according to plan. After that, the Safety Chief will take a walk around the course. The last step after the course has been approved by safety is to put a chalk outline around each cone and apply a chalk-dust line wherever the course designer or safety feels it is necessary.

Helping set up the course gives you the opportunity to get very familiar with the course and can sometimes even let you in on little secrets that the course designer put into the design that might help you drive it better! Regardless, your help will always be appreciated in setup and teardown of the course. The quicker we get the course set up, the more time everyone has to walk it prior to the start of the event. And the quicker we get it torn down, the sooner we can all go enjoy the rest of our day!

If you are selected for Event Setup, you will receive an email prior to the event to let you know what time to arrive. Event Teardown workers are normally taken from the regular worker pool, and asked to stay 20-30 minutes late to pack up the trailer instead of working course.