Event Safety/Security

Safety is everyone’s responsibility. If you’re at an autocross and see something that you feel is not safe in any way, don’t hesitate to bring it to the attention of an event official. It will always be looked into, and normally be addressed in some manner. (even if that manner is merely convincing you that it is not unsafe)

We do have people who are specifically trained in the area of safety. They are familiar with our insurance requirements for safety, as well as the SCCA’s Solo II safety requirements. (we don’t run under SCCA rules, but their safety rules are an excellent standard) They have been trained to look for potentially unsafe situations on and around the autocross course, and they review every course to ensure that it is safe. They also monitor the course and the rest of the event throughout the day.

If your work assignment is Safety/Security, it is normally at an event site that we feel is vulnerable to people who don’t understand how dangerous it is wandering into an unsafe area such as the active course or grid. Your job is to assist us with looking for overall safety issues, of course, but is primarily one of security and crowd control. We need you to monitor every person inside the event perimeter to ensure that they are wearing the appropriate wrist band to indicate that they have signed our insurance waiver. And also watch the open perimeters of the site for potential infiltration, and let people on the outside know where it is safe for them to be. If they wish to enter the site or are found inside without a wrist band, direct them to the Registration table.