As you probably know, the World Famous FAST Lunch is included with the entry fee for many of our events, and it has become a big part of our “culture”. (check the info for each specific event) We often will assign lunch coordination as one lucky driver’s work assignment. It’s a little bit of work before the event to plan what to buy and place an order, and then to go pick it up (or have it delivered) on time for lunch. But, it still beats working the course, right?

Some people are particularly good at this and can take our little lunch budget and do fantastic things with it by ordering from the Publix deli or similar. But, simple lunches like Pizza or cold sandwiches are fine, too. If this is the kind of job that suits you, let us know!

Note that for reasons of liability, we do NOT do non-professional catering, such as having a youth group provide food, or cook our own food. It would probably be cheaper if we did, but we just don’t want the responsibility!