Nothing happens if people don’t get registered! This is probably the most thankless and overlooked position, but also among the most critical. The paperwork (registration forms, waivers, whatever) all has to be done and someone has to make sure it’s done correctly. Credentials must be verified. Money must be collected. It is best to have at least two people working this position.

Good help in registration is hard to find and is greatly appreciated. If you’re a people person, are fairly organized, and can work under pressure (people have a habit of showing up at the same time… usually a few minutes after we told them to!), this might be a good place for you to be. You will sometimes be required to work a little longer than you might if you were working course… but, you won’t be out in the sun working course!

Your responsibilities include:

  • Checking in drivers and directing them to tech inspection.
  • Taking time to talk to first-timers and ensure they know what’s going on.
  • Ensuring the all drivers AND guests who are entering the site have a valid driver’s license, have signed the insurance waiver, and are wearing a wrist band.
  • Ensuring that NO MINORS or PETS are allowed into the site other than minors over the age of 16 who have a driver’s license (not a permit) and have completed the appropriate minor waiver signed by a parent.
  • Offering unregistered guests to partake of the FAST lunch for $5, and collecting cash.
  • Answer questions.

If you are selected for morning registration, you will be notified by email before the event with instructions on what time to arrive.

If you are selected for afternoon registration, it will likely be as a “second morning run group” work assignment, and we may need you to work 15-30 minutes late while all of the afternoon drivers show up.

At any other time, you won’t be doing “registration”, really. You’ll just be manning the gate, but you’ll still have to get newly arriving guests to sign in, and check everyone for wristbands, mention lunch, and all the rest.