In addition to lunch, we also provide cold beverages at our events. One of our work assignments is the person who brings the “Supplies”. This includes, ice, lots of canned soda, and even more bottled water, plus things like paper and plastic ware, batteries, gas for the generator and whatever else we need. You’ll usually need a car with big hatchback or trunk to haul all of the supplies we need in the morning, and you can choose to either shop well before the event, or do it the morning of the event.

If you are selected as the morning Supplies person, you will be notified by email and provided with a list of items and a time that we need them by.

The Runner position is similar, but is a worker position in the group right before lunch. They will normally be tasked with making an afternoon ice and/or water run if necessary, and emptying trash cans and helping with lunch prep.